I am

Developer in React, Typescript and PHP.

About me

I'm a developer with more than 15 years experience in backendand frontend. Over the years I acquired some acquaintance with best practices, testing, q&a, architecture,... and really like to think 'how do we do this ?'. "this" being not exclusively related to tech. I live in Brussels, and believe that not every solution is an answer to a problem ;)

What do I do ?

and what you might be interested in


Enthusiast coder but product minded first. I like to see something come to life.


Implementing project conventions, code best practices, tests and integration.

Modern Tooling

Modern tools to facilitate project workflows, ensure quality and improve developer life.


Doc and technical writer, markdown addict and interested in pedagogy.


B2B ecommerce • logistics & geo • statistics & BI • SPA/PWA • track & trace • ...

System integration

Developing integrations can reveal useful. Got my hands on few of them, even SAP...



I'm currently Tech Lead at Sortlist, a Belgium scale-up that connects projects with a network of international agencies. Check my


Some contributions and examples